We are glad to announce the next official annual meeting of the QUTE-HPC project. All the members are invited in Rouen, Laboratoire de mathématiques Raphaël Salem (LMRS).

Schedule of the meeting :

May 23, 2022

    14h15-14h25  I. Danaila
    14h25-14h30  J. I. Polanco 
    14h30-15h00  V. Kalt
    15h00-15h30  Z. Zhang
    15h30-16h00  Coffee break
    16h00-16h45  E. Lévêque
    16h45-17h15  Ph. Roche
    17h15-17h30  Discussions 
    19h30        Gala dinner

May 24, 2022

     9h30-10h15 M. Brachet
    10h15-10h30 L. Danaila
    10h30-12h30 Wrap-up session and animated discussions
    12h30-14h00 Lunch


Partner Rouen-Paris-Poitiers:

M. Brachet, I. Danaila, L. Danaila, V. Kalt, C. Lothodé, F. Luddens, G. Sadaka, Z. Zhang

Partner Grenoble:

Ph. Roche

Partner Lyon:

E. Lévêque, J. I. Polanco

Pictures from the meeting (May 23-24, 2022).